What is Employee Evaluation?

Employee Evaluation Software

Employee evaluation is a performance calculation method for employees. It can measure all countable or uncountable activities (e.g. employee regulation, target achievements and absenteeism etc.) by giving scores and rating. You can evaluate your employee in absolute terms and compare his performance with other employees doing the same job. Competition always motivates employees to enhance their performance. The resulting evaluation identifies the best as well as weak employees and distinguishes among them for performance appraisal.

The employee evaluation software is an opportunity to monitor the employees job performance solution on a regular basis. It also creates a strong relationship between employees and supervisors to discuss and solve problems. This also includes achievement of previously established goals. It may include a 360-degree review, a self assessment from the employee, the supervisor, HR management, or even customers.

The goal of an employee evaluation should be to increase communication, establish clear expectations and reinforce good performance while improving unsatisfactory performance. It can also assist with specific criteria for salary raises and promotions. It includes setting goals with a plan of action for the next performance period from a supervisor’s point of view.

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