Performance Management System

Performance Management System

Can you imagine your company rewarding your hard work, great results, and ability to positively contribute by giving you two tickets to the Superbowl? That is employee engagement if I have ever seen it. Does it really take all of that to develop employees? Of course not. Can we afford to be creative and unpredictable when it comes to rewarding our Top Performers? Absolutely.

Lane Jarvis, Chief Human Resources Officer at Go shares some critical points for establishing employee development plans for all employees. This is an important part of the employee performance appraisal discussion.

70/20/10 Rule

Lane Jarvis shares Go Daddy career development philosophy:

  • 70% – Employees learn from on the job work experiences
  • 20% – Employees learn from feedback (Mentors, Coaches, Managers)
  • 10% – Employees learn from classroom experiences to support their career development

According to the video, Go Daddy created an in-house Performance Management System. At BullseyeEngagement, we can save you development time and resources. Our best of breed, proven Performance Management System provides excellent user friendly functionality with a seamless implementation.

Need to know who your top performers are at any given moment? Employees become engaged when the Performance Appraisal System has value, relevance and, most of all, documented conversations, coaching, and career development activities to improve their contribution.

Don’t get stuck on creating your own tool. Partner with us and you can focus on developing your Superbowl Performers!

Looking for a system to make Performance Management a strategic advantage? BullseyeEngagement offers a web based solution to help shift the culture of expectations for your company.

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At Bullseye Performance Management Systems, we believe HR Professionals are operational and strategic partners when managing an organization.

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