Medical Claims Cure management Software by BullseyeEngagement

Medical Claims Cure management Software

Things can get frustrating at a medical clinic. Especially if the providers are doing their work and not getting paid for it properly from the insurance companies. This is a dilemma that occurs often, where you have unsatisfied clinic owners, administrators, and staff.

In hopes to alleviate this type of problem, we have launched a new service called Claims Cure. Claims Cure is a service that utilizes our patented electronic billing software and aims to improve cash flow through an integrated Claims Management and Tracking System. Skilled billers will be handling all the claims, from entering, scrubbing, and posting, all the way to follow up and monitoring ERAs and EOBs. In addition, we will be handling claims resubmissions and plan to reduce the amount of claim being rejected. Patient statement management will also be available if desired.

What distinguishes Claims Cure from other Billing Services:

  • A system that offers comprehensive medical electronic billing through medical billing software Claims Cure to ensure maximum security and accuracy for each patient visit and claim
  • Personalized account manager and claims specialist
  • Monthly review meetings of accounts receivable reports and claims analysis

But the main difference with OA Systems is our service. We will work hard to make sure that the clinic is reimbursed fully for the work they put in. There is more incentive for us to do a better job because if the clinic does not get reimbursed then we wont get paid either!

As the New Year approaches and everyone starts to think about New Years Resolutions, we offer Claims Cure as a new resolution to cure your medical billing anxiety and bring you an added source of joy!

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