Connecting Social Business to Performance

Connecting Social Business to Performance

Social Performance Management is the next evolution of performance management software. Adoption is being driven by employees demand for social feedback, recognition, and social tools.

Changing Workforce Demographics Driving Social Performance Management:

Millennials. By 2015 Millenials will be nearly half of the workforce.

Contractors, SuperTemps, Free Agents. Depending upon industry and company size, nearly 1 in 5 workers are contractors.
Social Performance Management (SPM) is in its next evolution, we also refer to it as Employee Performance Management 3.0, and blends employee management with workforce management using social technology.

Using SPM (social performance management) employees solicit “how am I doing?” feedback; or post praise or recognition. Created for employees (social tools empower) and managers (workforce management HR tools guide managers) and executives (analytics).

Today’s business requires an engaged, empowered, and focused team and the ROI business case for Social Performance Management is today’s best workforce management solution for perform oriented cultures.

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