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  • New Bullseye Modules

    In our on-going quest to address your “pain points,” several new modules have been introduced in recent months, including: Talent Match – Would you like to find the perfect candidate for that open position that requires an internal candidate, by clicking a button that automatically presents you with a list of qualified people who meet […]

  • University of Texas at Dallas Presentation

    Bullseye was recently invited to participate in and present at a Succession and Talent Bench Strength workshop sponsored by the UTD Corporate Education Team.  It was our pleasure to demonstrate to a full house how our automated Succession solution can automate what is often a spreadsheet-driven exercise, freeing up facilitators to focus on more important […]

  • Use a Talent Management System to Develop Teams That Give Results

    The increasing complexity in today’s workplaces has made it more important for HR professionals to bring and retain the best talent in the organization. Organizations extensively search for the best talent and retain them through offering attractive compensation along with other benefits and retention programs. Hiring the right talent is not the end of story, it is […]

  • Significant Aspects of Efficient Talent Management System

    Human resource talent management system is all about the organizing and regulating the human resources of an organization that includes payroll, appraisal performance, time and attendance, recruiting or learning management, benefits administration, performance record, HR management information system, scheduling, employee self-service and absence management. With advancement of computer science and technology the conventional way of […]

  • Is Your Talent Management Software Built With Recruiters in Mind?

    Talent management software is an overwhelming term; its definition encompasses many different recruiting and hiring features. Unfortunately, the term “talent management” is becoming such a vague idea that many believe it means the same thing as Human Resources. This is problematic for recruiters because they are now being forced to use the bulky general HR […]

  • Is Your Talent Resource Management Keeping You from Growing?

    Talent resource management can leave dynamic impacts on growth and success of a business or company. Talent resource management depends upon managing your entire performance. It can do wonders if managed properly. Talent resources have a tendency to make or break a company’s image. There are both positive and negative effects of talent resource management. […]

  • Effective tools of talent management

    Talent in management terms means highly skilled workers. These individuals possess the required skill, knowledge and experience in the field of work assigned to them. Talent management is a set of processes and practices that are used to build an effective talent management system in the company. Almost every company follows certain rules and guidelines […]