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  • Give us Your Feedback on our Talent Development Solutions

      We want to hear from you! Customer feedback is of utmost importance to us at BullseyeEngagement. Please give us your thoughts on our talent development solutions. As a token of our appreciation, each BullseyeEngagement user who submits a review of our solutions to Capterra or Software Advice will be gifted a $10 gift […]

  • Website Refresh

    On October 25, Bullseye’s website took on a new look and feel, and the content was updated to tell our “story” and explain our solutions in a more thorough and user-friendly way. Please take a few minutes to visit our new website. We would appreciate any feedback you have – both affirmative and opportunities […]

  • How to Choose Performance Management Software

    Performance management software is a software system that you use to keep track of how your company is doing. This type of application replaces relying on printed or static reports or even trying to use a manual performance management system using spreadsheets. The system automatically takes in new actual and results from your corporate databases and compares […]

  • Performance Appraisal – An Important Part of Performance Management System

    For a company to outperform the competition in today’s market, improving morale, creating loyalty and increasing overall productivity among the employees is essential. A performance management system can facilitate this by empowering employees to engage with their supervisors throughout the year. There are many ways to approach creating a performance management process, for example, establishing individual goals […]

  • Proven Motivation Techniques to Boost Employee Performance

    Your ability to drive your employees through uneven patches will help you secure your workforce and improve their productivity. Here are some tried-and-proven motivation techniques to boost employee performance: Let your employees know your strategy – Employees want to know what’s going on within the company. They will be more likely to assist you with […]

  • How Do You Drive Organisational Performance?

    It’s unsurprising that senior managers in most organisations are exhorting additional effort from their managers and employees in cutting costs and boosting sales – especially in the current climate. Both these factors are undoubtedly important, but they don’t in themselves help senior leaders actively manage sustainability performance. Building the business pipeline and closing sales obviously […]

  • More Performance Leadership – Less Performance Management

    Traditional аррrоасhеѕ tо performance mаnаgеmеnt system аrе bеіng improved in progressive organisations еvеrу whеrе; ѕо muсh so thаt the vеrу tеrm ‘performance management system’ may bе replaced wіth a nеw term. Most new approaches are nоt ѕо muсh аbоut ‘mаnаgіng’ реrfоrmаnсе as ‘lеаdіng’ and ‘motivating’ it. The рhrаѕе ‘ѕуѕtеmѕ need mаnаgеmеnt; people nееd lеаdеrѕhір’ іѕ […]

  • Essentials of Performance Management System (PMS)

    We live through activities which we expect to be contributing towards our well-being or wellness, which we may also call by the names of satisfaction, happiness etc. In our ways of living personal (private) and public (in jobs, social works etc.) lives, conduct various activities using the available resources like energy, money, time, materials, intellect, […]