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  • New Bullseye Modules

    In our on-going quest to address your “pain points,” several new modules have been introduced in recent months, including: Talent Match – Would you like to find the perfect candidate for that open position that requires an internal candidate, by clicking a button that automatically presents you with a list of qualified people who meet […]

  • Different Conflict Styles and Employees Coaching

    Dealing with scenarios where people have conflicting thoughts and approaches is a part of talent and development of employees. It is important to maintain the decorum of the firm at times of differences of opinion. The ability of the top management to improve employee and company results by resolving such conflicts will result in increasing […]

  • Grow Your Productivity through Employee Collaboration

    As we all are aware of the fact that human resource is the linchpin of any organization, so it is pertinent that efficient gearing of this resource can lead to success. There are numerous techniques to improve the productivity and manage your entire performance. One of the most sought-after ways is through Employee Collaboration i.e. […]

  • Build Team Performance Based on Maintaining Work Style Diversity

    Diversity in the workplace is considered to be a driving force for better team performance. In contrast to yesteryears when organizations would demand sets of employees with similar traits, qualifications and expertise, today, a diverse range of skills, expertise and experience is appreciated much more. The diversity obviously being pointed out here is with regard […]

  • How to Get Employees Excited to Do Their Work

    Getting employees excited about their work is a challenge that many organizations struggle to meet. The plain reason for this is the traditional approach in which orders are handed down with a direction and there is nothing in this to motivate and excite employees. The key to exciting employees about their work is to communicating […]

  • Employees Quit Due to these 7 Negative Management Traits

    It is now an established fact that employees don’t leave because of a company or co-workers in particular. It’s the policies of the management that drives them away. So, if your employees are running away although your organization is doing well in the market, there is something definitely wrong with the way you’re managing your […]

  • Creative ways to recognize Employee Performance

    Here are some creative ways to recognize employee and team performance. It’s important for you to understand what matters to individuals or teams when you want to recognize them for their work. Recognition has to meaningful to employees if you want them to truly feel appreciated. Here are some creative ways to recognize employee and […]

  • Develop your Employees with Bullseye Succession Planning Software

    Succession planning is a process that comprises identification and developing internal people (employees in an organization) who possess the potential to assume key business leadership positions. Succession planning improves individuals’ skills and leverages their experience so that they geared to assume key roles as and when they are available. Key Principles of Succession Planning Software […]