Bullseye added Social Performance Management Features

Bullseye added Social Performance Management Features

Bullseye’s web-based Performance Management product upgrade release notes for Q4 2012 highlights Social Performance Management.

Houston, TX – December 11th 2012 – Bullseye Performance Management System has today released the Q4 2012 product update to its web-based Social Performance Management solution.

“Every software application today must be designed to engage employees and managers using social and mobile,” commented Charles Bedard, EVP BullseyeEngagement, LLC. “New features in the Q4 upgrade to Bullseye uniquely intertwine Social Performance Management for employee engagement with operational KPI dashboards.”

What’s New in the Bullseye Q4 2012 Product Update Announcement!

Upgrades to the Bullseye Social Performance Management System include:

  • Social Feedback for Employee Engagement.
  • Bullseye now includes a private social network for the organization to encourage social feedback.
  • Structured similarly to other social technologies this optional feature allows employees to post profiles and updates to organization-based activities that they may be involved in.

This is a great way for employees to collaborate on solving work related problems. Historically, organizations relied on HR to protect the company, but as the demographics of today’s workforce have changed, organizations are seeking to attract and engage Millenials, free agents and supertemps, and they need tools to better manage work.

In this release, BullseyeEngagement brings the power of social networking to the organization. Social feedback enables employees to socially interact with each other; collaborate on a company wide scale, share ideas, exchange knowledge and interact to add in team productivity. Social Badges for Employee Recognition. Now with social badges, employees and managers can recognize top performers for their efforts and achievements.

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New additional reports for Competencies, Learning, Personnel Development Plans, Succession Planning and Compensation including:

  • Competencies Analysis Report
  • Development Statement
  • Coaching Tips
  • Interview Questions
  • Personal Development Program
  • Succession Planning and more
  • eCommerce Self-Service Auto Wizard
  • Operational KPI Dashboards based on roles

Bullseye is updated three (3) times a year and these updates are included at no additional charge as part of the software application.

“As the workforce has changed, so have the requirements,” commented Charles Bedard, EVP Global Strategies of Bullseye. “Fostering a perform culture of performance is key to success.”

How web-based Social Performance Management is replacing forms and spreadsheets with easy to use “Point and Click.”
Social Performance Management features including frequent social feedback and social goals for driving employee engagement.

“All of us like to know how we are doing at our job. Feedback and recognition are required to get work done,” said Mr. Adeel Zaidi, founder of Bullseye. “As an industry manager, I wanted to create an alternative to spreadsheets and forms that is intuitive and super simple to deploy and use. Bullseye captures the frequent feedback using our “Point & Click” solution that happens every day and thereby connects employee management with operations management.”

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