How competency management promotes employee career growth and retention?

Companies around the globe are challenged with holding on to their highly skilled workforce in a competitive market, while also refining performance expectations & developing their internal talent.

Succession Planning Best Practices in 2021

As companies enter their re-opening phase, it’s important to re-visit succession plans that were paused. Many companies fail to handle succession planning correctly, which can lead to high costs.

Your Guide to the Succession Planning Process

In this pandemic era when many employees are deciding to switch roles, is your organization prepared? If not, consider implementing a succession planning process.

3 Ways to Boost Engagement in 2021

As remote and hybrid work has become a permanent situation for many companies, it’s important to find ways to engage teams long-term in the new world of work.

3 Reasons Why You Need Employee Development Software

Companies with a focus on employee engagement and development are more productive, profitable, and successful.

The Importance of Employee Engagement in 2021

2020 was the year of unusual employee engagement trends. After a sharp increase in employee engagement in May, the United States saw a drop in engagement from 38% to 31% in June.

5 Steps to Start Your Business Succession Planning Process

While continued learning and development are critical to an organization’s success, it’s important to have a succession planning process in place to keep talent in your pipeline and ensure seamless movement.

Employee Engagement Best Practices for 2021

Interestingly enough, most employees are in the middle category (not engaged). Today about 40% of US employees are classified as engaged, about 47% are considered not engaged, and about 30% are disengaged.

Reexamining Your Learning Engagement Strategy(ies)

The reshaping of the modern workplace due to the disruptions of 2020 has produced an interesting byproduct: employee engagement is up.

Does workforce planning add value to an organization in today’s world of work?

Even in uncertain economic conditions, HR leaders should develop strategic workforce plans to be better prepared to tackle future needs.


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