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  • Develop your Employees with Bullseye Succession Planning Software

    Succession planning is a process that comprises identification and developing internal people (employees in an organization) who possess the potential to assume key business leadership positions. Succession planning improves individuals’ skills and leverages their experience so that they geared to assume key roles as and when they are available. Key Principles of Succession Planning Software […]

  • Top 10 Talent Trends That HR Pros Really Need to Know

    There are 10 trends that HR professionals need to be aware of in order to manage employees more effectively. For managing employees more effectively, you will need to implement a strategy that is in sync with current and expected trends. Managing human resource is about managing employees individually and collectively in order to achieve organizational […]

  • Performance Systems Support HR & Talent Management

    Leading and managing a company involves action at various levels. Apart from leadership decision-making action, there are other crucial processes that are a must for an organization to progress. Among other cornerstone processes, human resource and talent management are most important. The Importance of Identifying, Recruiting and Training the Right Individuals Human resource departments do […]

  • Making HR a Hero through HCM Analytics

    HCM Analytics for Our “Twitter” World: The same analytics that sales and marketing draw on to demand a larger share of the budget are missing from HR. Traditionally, HR has been able to provide little predictive information; thus, HR is only allocated 1 percent of the business intelligence budget, according to a 2011 Forrester report. Those […]