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  • Bullseye added Social Performance Management Features

    Bullseye’s web-based Performance Management product upgrade release notes for Q4 2012 highlights Social Performance Management. Houston, TX – December 11th 2012 – Bullseye Performance Management System has today released the Q4 2012 product update to its web-based Social Performance Management solution. “Every software application today must be designed to engage employees and managers using social […]

  • The Mandate for Performance

    Today Performance Mandate is based on the following: The need for performance documentation due to regulatory requirements, to support employee reviews and/or compensation decisions, and for talent staffing and management. The need to engage employees to improve productivity, performance, and alignment with corporate objectives. Consumerism. Employees want access to information. Employees want the same tools […]

  • Why Worry About Employee Engagement?

    With all the numbers and statistics that pass across executives’ desks, it’s no wonder that the employee engagement score feels like one drop in a very large ocean. Employee Engagement is a business measurement like no other. ‘Engaged’ employees work harder, stay longer with their organization and deliver better customer service. In fact, there are […]

  • The Move toward Social Performance Management

    The annual performance review: to simply mention it conjures images of wasted hours, frustrating conversations, and disgruntled employees. However, the review process hangs on because it is a critical communication piece and the source of the annual compensation raise (or lack thereof, depending on performance). As the pressure to ramp up productivity and output has […]

  • Boost Business Performance with Employee Engagement System

    Boost Business Performance with Employee Engagement System

    The Employee Engagement Institute Partners with BullseyeEvaluation to Provide an Employee Engagement System Connected to Business Performance. “Fully engaged employees lead to superior performance,” commented Tom McCoy, Director of the Employee Engagement Institute and author of the Amazon bestselling Human Capital book Employee Engagement: The Framework for the Future. “A culture of engagement will outperform […]

  • The Social Management of Work

    People are inherently social. The trouble is, organizations typically do not harness this natural inclination well. Rather, they create barriers that hinder how employees engage with one another, and limit agility in how they collaborate and make decisions. They do this by forming complex hierarchies and reporting structures, excessively layering new processes and controls without […]