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  • How to Get Employees Excited to Do Their Work

    Getting employees excited about their work is a challenge that many organizations struggle to meet. The plain reason for this is the traditional approach in which orders are handed down with a direction and there is nothing in this to motivate and excite employees. The key to exciting employees about their work is to communicating […]

  • Guest Post – 5 Reasons why Employees are Satisfied and Motivated at Work

    It’s a no-brainer. Every employer seeks to have more productive employees, and the most powerful way to improve productivity at work is to keep employees happy and satisfied. No system, tool or method can be compared with the level of productivity that can be obtained if employees really, honestly, enjoy their work and are happy […]

  • Acting Our Way for Employee Engagement. Are Incentives the Answer?

    Wherever employees they work, they always work for monetary return according to their work. It is money that they earn that drives them to continue. However, to build their careers and improve upon their skills they need more than that. Incentives always drive individuals to improve their way of working so that they improve on […]

  • Employee Engagement is Driven by a Hierarchy of Needs

    As a general socio-scientific rule, people need few things in order to have stability. These comprise eating, staying safe and feeling comfortable in an environment. Only when these things are fulfilled, can you begin consider working on personal growth and intellectual development. Below are few points in the hierarchy of needs that you can work […]

  • How to Measure the ROI on Employee Engagement?

    Many companies now focus on employee engagement like never before, and this is because there is more awareness about its importance. While many organizations are yet to realize the value of employee engagement, it is now established that organizations can save themselves tremendous losses by engaging their employees. With this in mind, organizations adopt strategies […]

  • 6 Steps for More Effectiveness and Better Team Performance

    There is no doubt that effective teams collaborate in order to achieve a common goal. It’s certainly time to engage your team and gear them for better performance if they: Are not productive enough Lack initiative and motivation Are dissatisfied and disagree with each other Teams and individuals function similar to engines. They need maintenance […]

  • Employee Engagement is the biggest challenge the HR faces

    Employee engagement is something which every firm wants to achieve since it brings the firm new ideas and helps it to grow considerably, however this process is not easy to initiate and there are times when the HR is confused on how to handle employees and how to make this process beneficial and constructive for […]

  • Gallup: 2.3 Million Missed Workdays Points to Low Teacher Engagement

    Gallup: 2.3 Million Missed Workdays Points to Low Teacher Engagement

    Research on employee engagement reveals that when employees are not engaged in work, their employers do not gain as much as they probably should. Engaged employees will automatically be more committed to their duty, and such individuals will have a greater understanding of their roles and the importance of their input. These features tend to […]

  • 10 Employee Management Resolutions

    The start of a new year brings many opportunities your way. One of them is the opportunity to emphasize on important resolutions that have the potential to improve your organization. In order to establish any resolutions, you will first of all need to communicate this desire to your employees and make it encouraging. The best […]

  • Boost Employee Involvement with New Year Engagement Activities

    Today’s organizations need their departments to work closely together in order to produce better results. All departments and teams must work with greater coordination, and in order to achieve this, organizations implement team building activities. These are largely activities that take place outside the office, but have a tremendous impact on how employees work together […]