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  • 10 Windows Phone Business Apps you must have

    The Android and the iOS lead the way in mobile technology with some people relying on the BlackBerry. However, the Windows Phone has made its way into many people’s hands, offering them rich business-centric apps. At the same time, users of the Windows phone do realize how time-consuming it can be to pick useful apps […]

  • Online Survey Software is Convenient and Accurate for Analyzing Data

    The value of survey data can never be underestimated. Anyone who goes through the painful efforts of conducting surveys will always have an upper hand over those without it. However, not many of us would want to use up so much energy and time required for obtaining survey data. There are of course alternatives developed […]

  • Business Dashboards with KPIs Can Help You Determine Future Progress

    Conducting performance reviews of employees is crucial for understanding how your workforce is progressing. It These reviews can help you learn about task performance and goal achievement over time wand with regard to expense on resources. Based on these major variables, you can determine how your organization is performing. Carrying out a performance review entails […]